Want to get rid of a toxic relationship? Here’s how

“No one can hurt you without your permission”

Being in love is one of the most beautiful things. I am sure everyone knows the butterfly you feel in your belly when you get a text from your crush or see them walking down the hallway making their way to you. It’s all so exciting and giddy. Then is the stage of talking and getting to know each other better. You slowly start to realize how much you miss that person when they’re not around and how you wish you were spending time with them instead. A few dates, slowly turn into a fully fledged relationship.

Sometimes in a relationship, people lose sight of themselves. We get so immersed in the other person, it can become unhealthy. It is still important to have your own identity and your own life even when you’re in a relationship. It can be really difficult for the people in a relationship to identify that it is slowly turning toxic and unhealthy. The line start to blur and knowing what’s acceptable becomes confusing.

There are a number of ways you can reflect and try to figure out whether your relationship has turned sour. A healthy relationship consists of unconditional support, great communication, trust, honesty and
loyalty. If you see your partner being disrespectful or not communicating well or showing signs of dishonesty, it is time to reflect on where you think the relationship is going.

It can be extremely difficult to let go of a relationship. It is painful to let go of something or someone you have invested so much time and so many emotions in. But the main think you need to remember is to love yourself first and everyone else second. There are going to be a number of people and relationships in your life that are going to come and go but you are a constant for yourself.

You need to figure out if the relationship is worth investing your time in. If you are having second thoughts, take some time for yourself and understand where the problem is stemming from. If it is coming from you, you need to take responsibility for it. It is also completely okay and encouraged to get outside help, in the form of couples therapy, to try and work out your issues. If after all this, you still believe that the relationship is toxic and there’s nothing left to do, it is going to be a journey to get out
of it.

You need to remove the idea of what was or what could have been from your head. Dwelling on the past is just going to invite more pain into your life. Instead take the time to work on yourself. You need to remember all the reasons the breakup was inevitable to remember to let go. You do not deserve someone who treats you badly or is toxic. You deserve love and happiness at its finest and you need to believe it to receive it. It is not going to be easy to overcome a relationship you were so invested in. But every relationship you decide to detach from, will teach you extremely important lessons that you will need in your life.