Our Story

We aim to build a community of strong-headed women like you, who chose to stand up for themselves and decided to overcome their physical and mental hurdles in their race to success.

Founder’s Note

There’s nothing worse than an ambitious woman giving up on her ‘biological’ shortcomings which stands as a hurdle in the worn out road to success, driven by many, but accomplished by some. My mamma always taught me to build my own road, embrace my shortcomings and accept what I can’t change. But wait! we can change this. We can change this constant roller coaster of emotions and pain that makes you crib, cry and unproductively bury yourself in my bed each month. We cannot change the his-story of PMS, but we can definitely change the present and build a glorious, pain-free future. A pain-free future for the tough, ambitious and strong-headed woman like you who knows exactly what she wants. Who’s going to stop us anyway? So on the days when I used to feel like absolute garbage, I grabbed the courage to shine along with supportive non chauvinist and business specialist co-founders and mentors. Presenting – the all natural way to soothe your PMS woes in the form of savoury gummies. Aunt Floh – India’s first PMS relief Vitamin Gummies. Here I am raising a toast to the strong ambitious woman like you and me, who chose to stand up for herself each day, every day! Here’s to strong women, may we know, may we be them, may we raise them!

Tanisha Sign

– Tanisha Pant

(She-E-O, AuntFloh)


No matter what you look like, no matter who you are, no matter how big or small boobs you have (oops, there’s no such thing as small boobs, you’re perfect) you deserve to love yourself. We aim to build a community of strong headed women like you, who chose to stand up for themselves and decided to overcome their physical and mental hurdles in their race to success. Ladies, No matter how different paths you and I chose, there’s one thing in common, in each one of us, our power to take on the toughest challenges in life and climb on top of them!


Tanisha Pant
Co-founder & CEO

Isn’t PMS a super strange thing that arrives every month and drives us crazy for a week at least? I was honestly surprised because all our lives we as women are taught to adjust with it. While some people call us impure, some don’t even let us enter the kitchen or enter the temple. And as funny as it gets, while few of us cry with the thought of periods arriving, some lucky one third of women do not feel it at all. Well, I’m not alone in this because 3/4th of women in the world like you and me face PMS each month. And once for all, what’s with the uncountable beautiful underwears I have donated to this week each month? And even when I discuss periods with most women, it still is a taboo!

Well, someone had to put a full stop to it and this time it’s my gummies and my community of women like you! Aunt Floh is not just for you and me but for all the women who accept that as a woman, no one will give you the power to face your own challenges. You just have to steal it!

There’s a long way to go, but when women stand for each other, Incredible things happen!

Yes, as masculine as my name sounds, my gender approves of it too! I am a man who supports women and I’m sure that not many but some dudes may find it offensive for me to stand up for an issue that still remains a taboo in a country like India with 100 females for every 176 males. Periods and PMS aren’t my forte but where my forte lies, is to solve problems for women and this one took a little time to be solved. Always being surrounded by inspirational, strong women like my mom, sisters, aunts and friends, I know that this problem had no solution apart from the OTC medications with loaded chemicals.

One thing in my journey is that Heros can’t be made if there wasn’t a She-Ro backing them up and thus, this product is an ode to all the women I met and shall meet in my many years. I firmly believe that It is by standing up for the rights of girls and women that we truly measure up as men. With Aunt Floh, I am manning up for myself!

Well Ladies, here’s the hard truth ‘Life’s a bitch’, and Aunt Floh will help you kick it in the ass!

Akshay Dua
Co-founder & CXO

Our Philosophy


Generate Employment for Rural Women in India

Our easy and optimised logistics aims to provide easy access to rural women to earn passive income by shipping and delivering our products to the customers across India via their small warehouses/clusters


Empowering Women across sectors

Once you’re our babe, we don’t ditch you, instead we rise with you! We’re a family of like minded people where we love to see strong women rising up on the top while we support them and whistle at their success.


Normalising Periods

Periods are okay, period. As simple as this sounds, many people still aren’t thorough with the idea of periods being a part of each and every woman’s journey each month. We believe that periods are normal and we provide your anger to a ‘somebody to lean on’ buddy!


Self Care Club

YOU, these three letters are the essence to not just your but our lives too! When you can handle and do both jobs of a man and a woman, why does finding a few minutes for your own self, sounds like a hurricane task for you? Fret Not, We will handle that for you! Once our babe, always our babe.

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