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5 Vital Ingredients

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Chaste Berry

This is a herb that has long been used in traditional medicine, most particularly for a woman’s health and menstrual issues. It helps alleviate “boob pain” in particular and is effective in helping to reduce symptoms of PMS and PMDD. Mood Swings during Periods? Chaste Berry to the rescue!

Lemon Balm

Did you know that it was found that lemon balm was effective at reducing the intensity of PMS cramps among a group of 100 participants? A separate study conducted in 2013 researched the anti-stress effects of lemon balm; those participants who were given lemon balm reported improvements in mood swings and mental stress.

Vitamin B6 & Magnesium

Vitamin B6 has been shown to reduce a broad range of PMS symptoms, but one of the more notable ones is premenstrual depression. “Sorry for what I said when I was PMSing” becomes a thing of the past. Vitamin B6. A small study found that vitamin B6 along with magnesium per day significantly reduced PMS symptoms.

Dong Quai

A time renowned herb for eliminating period pains. Can also be called ‘antispasmodic’. Its a natural blood purifier and contains ferulic acid which balances estrogen levels. It leads to lesser cramps and ensures that the stomach cramps remain in check especially during ‘that time of the month’.